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Be the Hands and feet of jesus, . . .

. . . or at least lend a hand to those who are. Please do not forget that your home church still has financial obligations and has potential struggles ahead as giving drops off in this shutdown era. (Pathways members can give by clicking on the link at the top of our web page.) There are many opportunities beyond our home church to make a difference with our giving as well. Watch the video below for a touching recap of Christians being the hands and feet of Jesus in Covid-ravaged New York City, and consider lending a helping hand.

Click below to watch video. Click here to learn how you can help!

Pathways Community Church
has a number of helpful ministries available to serve you and your family. There are also a variety of opportunities for you to use your gifts and talents in ministry. If you feel you are short in the gifts/talents department, no problem. We would love for you to join alongside as we further God's Kingdom; He specializes in people like you!